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Movers and Shakers Boat Deliveries meets with owners, designers, and naval architects to determine the most effective course of action toward a project before its ordered into implementation.


Movers and Shakers Boat Deliveries manages the deliveries of vessels both in-land and/or on water to places the world over. Whether it's a yacht, a sailboat or parts, we have built strategic partnerships throughout the Americas that keep us connected to the product from point of departure, midpoint operation to point of delivery.


Movers and Shakers Boat Deliveries manages the day to day affairs of yachts that do not require a full time captain. Our clients trust us to make certain that their boat is always sail ready. The Majority of yachts we service range from 50-75 feet.

In addition, we keep up to date with the boats insurance and registration renewal and implement an online database of manufactures for all the parts of the yacht. This enables us to locate the part and forward it to its exact location.


Movers and Shakers Boat Deliveries maintains power and sailboats of many sizes. Our maintenance schedule is tailored to your needs. From once a month to twice a week, we will service your boat to maintain it in Bristol condition at all times. We tailor plans to your specific budget and needs. The client is provided with a list of suggestions on what's needed and we manage the project until the repairs/modifications are completed.

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